Hello, and welcome to Archangels!

Archangels is a rank 10 kinship based on the Elendilmir server. Originally formed in 2007, our group has gone through a variety of updates and changes in makeup, including our merge with Black Numenoreans in July 2010.  While never focused on becoming one of the largest kinships, our goal has always been to experience new game content and strive to develop a skilled player base.

The goals and values of our kinship are simple:

-tackling and completing end game content
-having a great time learning and playing together 

We have a balance between serious and focused and fun during our raids.  There is also a fair amount of banter ;-) 

We have merged with Into the West.  Please join us on their site at http://intothewest.guildlaunch.com/___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Congrats to Archangels on their first LT HM kill on December 11 :):) Good work everyone!!